Walking Down West Main

west capitol

It’s Fathers’ Day and Jill and I took a morning walk down West Main.

Down to me is toward the Capitol (east).



It stormed during the night and was still mostly cloudy and there were a few light sprinkles. The street is very busy every morning with walkers and joggers and some bike riders. I’ve made a plan to start walking early each morning….all I have to do is walk out the door.


The neighborhood is a designated conservation district: The Lower Jefferson Conservation District, although there certainly isn’t anything “low” about it.








Old West School, built around 1904, is now an apartment building.







Heisinger Bluffs retirement home includes this stately mansion, once owned by the prominent Price family. The house served as the original retirement home.





One of the city’s oldest cemeteries is located on the river bluff next to Heisinger’s Bluff.





The city’s water works is two blocks away and dates from the late 1800s.  Water is pumped from the Missouri River.



Just past the water company is the bridge carrying US 63 and US 54 over the Missouri River.  A couple years ago a bike and pedestrian lane was added to the bridge . It has turned out to be a very popular place to walk in the morning and evenings. It connects the city to the Katy Trail with a paved bicycle spur.


Lately there have been a number of “Love Locks” attached to the bridge rail. Two people in a relationship write their name or initials on a lock and then lock them together and on to the fencing and toss the keys in the river.



That serves to symbolize their commitment, I guess.  This is a world-wide practice but it’s more common in Europe








Jefferson City was a busy river port back in the 1800s but the railroad line effectively cut off easy access to the river. The city is just now trying to regain some river access across the railroad tracks. Safe access is a difficult issue and Union Pacific isn’t very supportive.







East of the bridge is an older part of town that dates back to the mid 1800s. Several old stone houses are mixed with some “newer” Four Squares (usually two family structures) and a few commercial buildings.

583_2266 583_2272










Our local Irish pub, Paddy Malone’s, has been a saloon under one name or another for 140+ years. It sits on the corner of West Main and Bolivar St. at the head of the old Bolivar Street Bridge. It was the first or last chance for a beer depending on whether you were arriving or leaving town.  It was once called the “Last Chance Saloon”.




The old bridge approach is now Rotary Park, a small river overlook and the location for the city’s Christmas tree each year. There is a great view of the river and the newer bridges that cross the river a couple blocks west.















The first really large state office building is the Secretary of State’s information center….the state archives and state library as well as administrative offices for elections and corporate registration. The building is actually much more impressive than this rear view.



Sunday mornings are pretty quiet on West Main Street




We need to do some yard work. Grass needs cutting and the bind weed is trying to take over…again.



Watson greets us at the door, as always.






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